• Maintenance of discipline within the college campus is of utmost importance.
  • Any student involved in Ragging of any sort shall be dismissed from the college immediately.
  • Punctuality is a must for all the Theory / Clinical Classes.
  • Unauthorized absence from Theory and Practical classes will be taken seriously.
  • Wearing college ID cards / name badge is compulsory. (Without name badge, ID Card no student will be allowed inside the Institution / Campus.)
  • Students are required to be formally dressed.
  • Students (both male and female) are instructed not to wear sleeveless shirts / tops. Denims, cargos, three fourths and jeans are fully banned during college hours. Female students are advised to wear decent and traditional dress.
  • Hairstyle of the Male students should be of acceptable length, cut and neatly shaved. Female students should tie their hair neatly. Colouring of hair is also prohibited.
  • All students shall be in APRONS, prescribed with the emblem of the college with the students name printed on the Apron.
  • All students are expected to wear formal footwear in the college.
  • All students should attend the Theory and Practical classes at the prescribed time.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the college premises.
  • All the students are expected to attend all College functions / Programmes / Events when they are asked to.

  • No Leave can be availed without prior notice. If in case of emergency leave should be intimated by telephone.
  • Permission for Long leave (8 days or more)/ Conference / Workshop should be availed from the HOD in advance. And needs to be sanctioned by the Principal.

  • PG Student shall secure 80% attendance during each academic year. Anyone who fails to adhere to this shall not be permitted to take the examinations.
  • PG Student shall participate in seminars, journal review meetings, synopsis, conferences, case presentations, clinics and didactic lectures during each year organized by the concerned departments
  • Every PG Students shall maintain a work diary and log book. The work diary and log book shall be verified and certified by the Head of the Department of the Institution. The certification of satisfactory progress is based on the work diary and log book.
  • UG Student shall secure 80% in Theory and 80% in Practical / Clinicals in each subject in each year. Anyone who fails to adhere to this shall not be permitted to take the examinations


  • Students are required to be courteous, humble and speak politely with the patients. Need to keep up with appointment strictly.
  • OP Duties need to be strictly followed by PG's.
  • The OP Doctor should not move off the OP Section without permission.
  • OP duties can't be interchanged without the consent of the staff incharge of that day.
  • PG's should maintain patient appointment book and Department work done register.
  • PG students going out of the college during working hours can do so only for academic reasons and in case of emergency only. Permission should be taken from both the HOD and the PG guide in the department and both exit and entry time with reason should be entered in the movement register placed at the College office.
  • Students should appear for all the exams conducted in the department and should see that they have 80% attendance in each academic year. You are expected to fulfill all the requirements laid down by the University / DCI and follow the instructions given by the Department staff.
  • Talk to the Non teaching staff politely.
  • Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited inside the clinical area and should not be used while treating the patients.