Dr.Naveen Kumar 2008-11 Effect of chlorhexidine application on microtensile bond strength to teeth substrate- an in vitro study
Dr.Arun J Kumar 2008-11 Surface Treatment,different Adhesives Hybrid Layer Thickness,Cervical Sclerotic Dentin substrate: Interrelations - A sem study
Dr.Roma M 2008-11 Fracture Resistance of class II (MOD) Restorationa: Influence of restorativr technique and bevel preparation -an in vitro study
Dr.Saurav Miglani 2009-12 The significance of deproteinization on the Marginal sealing with self itching primers followed by adhesive restorations in class v situations
Dr.Hisham Hameed 2010-13 Microleakage in resin composite restorations after antimicrobial Pre-Treatment: 2% chlorhexidinegluconate and clearfil protect bond.
Dr.AmrithaMajumdar 2010-13 A comparison of four Nickel Titanium Rotary systems,quantec sc,k3,Endo,race and Hero 642 for canal cleaning ability -an vitro study
Dr.Kulshrest Singh 2010-13 Shear bond strength of superficial,Intermediate and deep Dentin - in Vitro with recent generation self- etching primers and single Nano complex fractures
Dr.Sourabh T.J 2011-14 An In vitro comparison of Apical Leakage in immidiate versus delayed Post space preparation using endorez and Roekoseal Root Canal sealers
Dr.Sana Ali 2011-14 To evaluate cyclic Fatigue Resistance of different Nickel Titanium rotary instruments in simulated curved Root Canal - in vitro study
Dr.Vishwas s Gowda 2011-14 Effect of different Ni - Ti Instruments on the final canal shape of Mesial Roots of Mandibula first Molars assessed by CBCT : An in vitro study
Dr.RajatSareen 2011-14 Protective effect of Resin Coating on the Microleakage of class v restorations following treatment with carbaxide Peroxide an In vitro study
Dr. R. Dinesh Kowsky 2011-14 Scanning electron Microscopic evaluation of the effectiveness of threethe cleanliness of Root Canal system - an In vtro study
Dr.Girish J.K 2012-15 An in vitro study of Evaluate the effect of application time of 15% EthylineDiamineTetraacetic acid ( EDTA) and 3% sodium Hypochloride (Naoci) in removing the smear layers of root canals- an sem analysis
Dr.SuhanaNaaz 2011-14 Apical leakage of Roots filled with different types of sealers - an in vitro study
Dr.Siddharth Krishnan 2011-14 Inflence of Carboxide Peroxide bleaching agents on the bond strength of resin enamel / dentin interface
Dr.Dan Varghese Cherian N 2012-15 Leakage values with access cavity restored width different access restorative material
Dr.Anand Kumar Vallabhadas 2012-15 An Evaluation of Hybrid layer and Bonding interface after water storage with and without the usage of 2% chlorhexidine - A sem study
Dr.ReddyUpasanaJayaram 2012-15 Determination of cytotoxicity &gentotoxicity of Dentine bonding agents HENA & BISPHENOL
Dr. Angel Mary Idiculla 2012-15 Shear bond strenth of one single Nanocomposite resin to high -copper amalgam when different conditionning methods were used - and in vitro study
Dr.Harikrishna Nair R 2012-15 Comparison of three rotary instrumentation systems: Protaper,MTWO,HYFLEX cm for elimination of enterocousfaecalis from the pulp space -an in vitro study
Dr.Anusha U Pai 2012-15 The effect of application of ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid and different concentrations of sodium hypochloride on smear layer removal - sem analysis
Dr Ahana Shetty 2013-16 Anti microbial efficacy of five pulpspace sealers against the common pathogens in the pulp-an invitro study
Dr Nycil Mary Paul 2013-16 Evaluation of microleakage of boidentine as a dentin substitute compared to FUJI II LC in cervical lining restorations- an in vitro study
Dr Rashid SAP 2013-16 Evaluation of microhardness and surface roughness of composite resin before and after bleaching.
Dr Vipin J Thottappilly 2013-16 Evaluating the bonding strength of self etching primer adhesives with various tooth preparations an in vitro study.
Dr NamithRai 2013-16 Effect of different conditioning agents on shear bond strength of resin modified glass ionomers.
Dr Dilu Davis 2013-16 Microleakage evaluation of minimally invasive class I flowable composite restorations
Dr RadhikaBhandary 2014-207 To evaluate and compare the efficiency of file systems SAF, Hyflex CM and pro taper next in removal of E.faecalis an in vitro study
Dr Rohita Ann Thomas 2014-17 Comparison of inhibitory effect of newer bonding systems against cariogenic bacteria an in vitro study
Dr VathsalaHeggade 2014-17 Evaluation of micro hardness and surface roughness of composite after bleaching and staining an in vitro study
Dr Kiran Philip Cherian 2014-17 Comparitive evaluation of micro leakage of different materials in access cavity prepared with all walls intact an in vitro study
Dr ShilpaTulaseedaran 2014-17 Comparative evaluation of three irrigation systems conventional ,ultrasonicvsendovac in the elimination of E. faecalis -an in vitro study
Dr ShikhaSwaroop 2014-17 Fracture resistance of endodontically treated with or without craze line fracture without placement of crown- in vitro study
Dr Anjana Raj 2015-18 Fracture resistance and failure mode of two types of commercially available fibre post by Creating a wide surface area for core bond In Vitro Study
Dr Ashley Mariam 2015-18 Biofilm forming capacity of E.faecalis on on gutta-percha points treated with four disinfectants using confocal scanning Laser microscope - An in vitro study
Dr Chinu Maria Cyriac 2015-18 An in vitro gingival microleakage evaluation of packable composite resin using different intermediate layers in deep class II restoration
Dr Saima Jamal 2015-18 Fracture resistance of endodonticallytreated maxillary first bifurcated premolar with a single post and double post with different lengths. An in vitro study
Dr Jenny Ann Joshua 2015-18 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of 3 intermediate irrigants in preventing an orange brown precipitate to be formed by the interaction between sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine - An in vitro study
Dr Hannah SajuPadiken 2015-18 Comparative evaluation of remaining radicular dentin thickness using conebeam computed tomography CBCT with different rotary systems - An ex vivo study
Dr AashikShamas 2016-2019 Comparision of microleakage of glass ionomercement,mineral trioxide aggregate and biodentine as root end filling materials with two different techniques in presence of blood an in vitro study
Dr AfiyaEram 2016-19 Fracture resistance of newer glass ionomer based cements in class II posterior restorations - an in vitro study
Dr AshikaKailar 2016-19 Evaluation of colour changes of restorative composite resin after bleaching procedures an in vitro study
Dr kausarBanu 2016-19 A three dimensional study of variations in root canal morphology using cone beam computed tomography of maxillary first molar in south canara population
Dr Paul George 2016-19 To compare the use of mineral trioxide aggregate in teeth indicated for post and core with immediate and delayed post space preparation on apical seal in teeth filled with guttapercha and AH plus sealer
Dr Premjith P.S 2016-19 A stereomicroscopic dye penetration study evaluating the apical sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate when treated with three different demineralizing agents in the presence of blood- an in vitro study
Dr.Arun 2017-20 Fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary premolars with a longer single post and shorter double posts of different sizes an in vitro study
Dr. Arya 2017-20 A comparative evaluation of gingival micro leakage of class II restorations using various restorative materials an in vitro study
Dr.Bhavya 2017-20 Evaluation of bond strength of silver diamine fluoride treated tooth with different posterior restorations an in vitro study
Dr. Harish 2017-20 Effect of antioxidants in reducing microleakage of composite restoration in intracoronally bleached teeth an in vitro study
Dr.Priya 2017-20 Comparison of surface hardness among 2 materials: MTA Angelus and Bioaggregate used in an experimental apexification model under moist and dry condition in vitro study
Dr.Sruti 2017-20 Detection of dentinal microleaks after shaping with XP-Endo shaper, Neo endo flex files and Hero shaper using scanning Electron microscope An in vitro study
Dr. Advith Kolakemar 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of an alkasite, amalgam and posterior composite in a class II preperation - An in vitro study.
Dr. S. B. Sangavi 2018-2021 Dissolution of epoxy resin based sealer in a six months old obturation using various solvents under ultrasonic agitation - A comparative invitro study.
Dr. Anfir Shad C M 2018-2021 An in-vitroevaluation of microleakage around class I preparation with alkasite, silver amalgam & composite based posterior restoration, - A Stereomicroscopoic study.
Dr. S. Sritejeswar 2018-2021 A scanning electron microscopic evaluation of endodontic sealer removal and effect irrigation systems on smear layer removal after post space preparation
Dr. Rosemary Corneli 2018-2021 A comparative evaluation of effect of modified triple antibiotic paste on microleakage with three different apical plugs - An in vitro study.
Dr. Bhavika B. Shetty 2018-2021 Evaluation of minimal intracanal dressing time of medicaments used in regenerative endodontics - An in vitro study.
Dr.Aditya Narayanan 2019-2022 A comparative evaluaton of fracture resistance of three types of post and core systems in endodontically treated anterior teeth - An In vitro study
Dr.Aswathi K 2019-2022 In vitro evaluation of shear bond strength of composite to dentin when three different materials are used as pulpal protecting agent
Dr.Jijo Babu C 2019-2022 A comparative evaluation of two minimally invasive techniques - in masking artificially created white spot lesion and it's esthetic hue
Dr.Harikrishnan M K 2019-2022 A comparative evaluation of occlusion of dentinal tubules with DIODE, laser CPP-ACP and herbal desensitising agent - An in-vittro study
Dr.Najla T P 2019-2022 Comparison of marginal adaptation of endodontic biomaterials as apical plugs in simulated open apex cases - An in vitro study
Dr. Prince Joy 2019-2022 Estimation of dentinal microcrack with XP- endoshaper , profile vortex and protaper next rotary files : An in vitro scanning electron microscopic analysis.
CHARUVI J 2021-2022 Evaluating the optical integration if single shade resin composite on class 4 restorations using a spectrophotometer- an in vitro study
DARSHAN J RAM 2021-2023 Comparative evaluation of apical microleakage in single cone obturation with different sealers –an invitro study
GOWTHAMI G KAVA 2021-2024 Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance in endodontically treated teeth reinforced with three different types of horizontal post – an invitro study
KALPANA M B 2021-2025 Evaluation of 2,6 xylidine precipitate on push out bond strength of calcium silicate based sealed and epoxy resin based sealer – An invitro study
KARISHMA A KRISHNANI 2021-2026 Shear bond strength of modified glass ionomer cement’s to saliva contaminated dentin – an in vitro study
SHIVANI HEGDE 2021-2027 Evaluation of wettability of bio ceramic sealer with different irrigant solution – an invitro study.
ADARSH S 2021-2028 Comparative Evaluation of Apical Microleakage in Single cone obturation with Three different sealers- An invitro study
ADISH C 2021-2029 Evaluation of shear bond strength of tooth to a novel glass hybrid restorative material and composite resin restorations using different surface treatments – An invitro study
ITHISHAM ISMAIL 2021-2030 Evaluation of the Effect of moisture on the Shear bond strength of 8th generation Adhesive- An invitro study
JAYALAKSHMI P A 2021-2031 Efficacy of Neo Endo Retreatment files after each use with and without solvent – An Invitro Study
NIVEK NARAYAN 2021-2032 To estimate the release of bisphenol A from various bulk fill composites with and without polishing – an invitro study
SHWETHA 2021-2033 Evaluation of the Enamel Microhardness of Teeth After Diode Laser Activated Bleaching – An Invitro Study