Dr. Raghavendra Kini

"A reflection of a man's personality is his character; a reflection of a man's health is his oral cavity."

Indeed the same oral cavity which devours our food and adheres to our day to day psychological and nutritional needs gets the minimum attention when it comes to health care. Yes, we all brush our teeth, once or perhaps even twice daily. But is that enough for a lifetime of good health Most certainly not!. Humans are so obsessed with external appearances, that we carry a mirror wherever we go, but how negligent can we be towards the mirror of our body the oral cavity! Alarmingly it's the ugly truth we must comprehend, encompass and make the required alterations in our lifestyles to rectify our ignorance of the unknown. Oral health plays a pivotal role in preserving the longevity of one's life. Every human being is entitled with an unspoken bond of social dogma towards one's own well-being, and to help you down this road comes the role of an Oral Physician. With the aid of accurate and timely diagnosis, medicine and radiology we ensure to bridge the gap between you and good health. Of course, this relationship is mutual, for we can only help you if you help yourselves.