"Towards strengthening health of the community"

It is a Specialty of Dentistry that promotes prevention and control of dental diseases at a community level. It provides leadership and expertise in population based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community based disease prevention and health promotion. The Department emphasizes on population based approach to professional practice, which is different from an approach required for individual patient care.

The Department has 3 main objectives:

1. Providing quality education to students so that they are at par with any other student of International Level

2. Foster the culture of research in the field of Dental Public Health among the faculty and students.

3. Conducting Community Oral Health Programmes to promote oral health among the mass.

Through these objectives the Department plays an important role in supporting the mission of the college. The Department educates under graduates and post graduates with a curriculum, which prepares them for practice of dentistry at community level. We expect that every student will go the extra-mile to excel not only in academics but also in patient care. Every effort is taken by the faculty to strengthen the fabric of innovative thinking in research which contributes to the progress of the society and mankind as a whole.

The Department has witnessed marked increase in research as well as community service. Through its extensive program of community service, the Department contributes in making oral health accessible to the mass.

The faculty of the Department of Public Health Dentistry is actively involved in teaching, research and community oriented services and are committed in pursuing these activities to further support the department