Welcome to THE DEPARTMENT OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS 'where beautiful smiles are created. The term Orthodontics coined by Joachim Lefoulon is derived from the Greek words Orthos 'straight or proper and' Odus 'ooth' Orthodontics is the speciality of dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, interception and treatment of all forms of malocclusion of the teeth and the associated alterations in their surrounding structures. Clinical and non-clinical work of all post graduate and undergraduate are equally distributed and monitored by 2 units of staff. Our department consists of a talented and experienced group of faculty who have dedicated their careers to the orthodontic profession. This faculty is supported by an excellent administrative and clinical staff. All patients are treated with the most advanced techniques to bring about the best aesthetic and functional results. We also have active interdisciplinary programs and provide comprehensive care for Orthognathic surgery patients, cleft palate patients and craniofacial growth problems.

OOur vision is to attain and maintain a leadership in excellence in the pursuit of knowledge through teamwork, quality teaching, research and patient care and an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment planning with the highest ethical standards.

Our mission is to educate and provide practical experiences for students in their quest to become socially sensitive, biologically oriented and technically competent Orthodontists. To prepare proficient graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and values to provide contemporary assessment, treatment and management of complex facial, skeletal, and dental mal-relationships in the child, adolescent, or adult. Mentor each postgraduate student to be a "life-long learner," progressive orthodontic clinician and a thoughtful evaluator of evidence-based research.

Our goals are to provide the best environment for teaching and research, the best provider of contemporary and innovative orthodontic treatment solutions, to provide the best work ambience, to maintain quality in our academic programs by timely evaluation of our performance, continue building toward national and international recognition for excellence in research and scholarly activity, develop ongoing interdepartmental partnerships to extend and enrich our academic and research profiles. Promote and empower faculty, students, and alumni that lead to a substantial enhancement in departmental visibility and the scientific community' understanding of our academic/research expertise. Attract high achieving students and well established faculty members. To bring increased recognition to the department, college, and university through scientific contributions in our research areas of strength. Incorporate use of computers for digital record maintenance of all cases.