Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the study of supporting structures (periodontium) of the teeth and diseases affecting the same.

The speciality of Periodontology was started on 2004.

The initial intake was 40 BDS students which was raised to 100 in the subsequent year Post graduate course in Periodontology was started in the year 2008 with two students students per year and it was increased to 6 in 2012.

The Department of Periodontology and Implantology provides information, instructions and clinical experience dealing with the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal disease in adults by experienced faculty at under graduate and post graduate level.

The Department aims to encourage learning through critical evaluation and enquiry amongst the students and help them into future leaders in this specialty. Our philosophy is the one that devices from critical thinking and analysis of available data. The specialty of periodontology is constantly changing with advert of newer knowledge. Exploring all possibilities and encouraging debate with faculty and periodontal literature is our aim and will be an important part of our education.

Our programme has its foundation of strong clinical experience.

At UG level:

Educating, enhancing theory knowledge in normal tissues, epidemiology and classification, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment planning and supportive periodontal therapy. The clinical areas of instructions include periodontal examinations, diagnosis and treatment planning, case presentation, communication, therapies and outcome assessments.

The educational lectures include normal periodontium at the macro and microscopic level. Periodontal pathology including intraoral lesions associated with periodontal conditions, periodontal microbiology and immunology, pain control and pharmacology applicable to periodontal treatment, cell biology, wound healing including periodontal regeneration, dental implantology and case management.

At PG level:

Faculty members are actively participating in basic and applied sciences, research and provide students instruction and guidance in research. Advanced research activities in the field of cell biology, oral microbiology, pharmacology and clinical, epidemiological , interventional trials and short term projects are being conducted. Post graduate students participate in informative lectures for under graduate students as a part of curriculum. In addition to routine periodontal treatments like curettage, flap surgeries, regenerative and resective procedures, post graduates are trained in periodontal plastic surgeries, GTR, GBR and implant placement procedures. Post graduates participate in continuing dental education programs and conferences at national and international levels. They also present scientific papers, posters and research publications.

We have all the infrastructure, facilities like instruments, equipments, materials, library, seminar hall, sterilization room, separate faculty and post graduate room. Most of the dental chairs are electrically operated. Students wear clinical attire and follows strict aseptic measures.

We have state of art, medical college, hospital facilities and patients to carry out research activities. We have rural centers to treat patients.