DR Vijaya Hegde

"There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking" Brian Tracy

The department is known for its excellence in teaching and research activities which is acknowledged globally. We are committed in disseminating knowledge related to population-based dentistry, community-based disease prevention oral health surveillance, policy development, and health promotion

Our department regularly conducts dental screening and treatment camps in and around Mangalore. Our target groups being school children, geriatric population and other socio-economically deprived groups. These field programs has helped our students gain an in-depth knowledge regarding the patient care in rural settings and also raised awareness among the mass related to dentistry.

Our department regularly conducts continuing dental education programmes and workshops in various spheres by inviting national and international resource personnel of repute.

The institution has widened its horizons of service by establishing peripheral dental clinics where our students and faculty members are periodically posted. The services provided by these centers have not only improved the oral health status of the beneficiaries, but has also prepared our students for future general practice.

Research endeavors are being given utmost priority in the department where both faculty members and students are involved in various research projects. We have been funded by both national and international organizations. Our research papers were accepted and also provided full scholarships for international presentation.

We encourage our post graduates to undergo training not only in the core areas of Dental Public Health like assessment, policy development and advocacy but also in the field of Bioethics and Research ethics which will be a value addition to their job profile. This will enable our post graduates to take up positions as epidemiologists, health economists, biostatisticians, Ethicists, Research Fellows and many more.