Dr.Delia 2015-18 Comparison of a glass ceramic with a zirconia ceramic of varying thickness in terms of translucency and flexural strength An invitro study
Dr.Archana 2015-18 Comparative evaluation of 2% sodium hypochlorite and tea tree oil disinfectants in disinfection of simulated heat cure complete dentures contaminated with methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus an in vitro study
Dr.Naveen 2015-18 Comparison of stress generation from four different angled implant abutments with zirconia super structure placed in the anterior maxilla: 3D finite element study
Dr.Saniya 2015-18 A comparative evaluation of the effect of different ceramic systems for superstructures on distribution of stresses in implants and different bone densities: 3D Finite Element study
Dr.Merin 2015-18 Effect of two liquid polishing materials on the stainability of bis acrylic interim restorative material: an in- vitro study
Dr.Soumya 2014- 17 Comparison and evaluation of shear bond strength in metal ceramic repair system
Dr.Sreenath I R 2014- 17 A comparative study of strength of commercially available two fibre post system an invitro study
Dr.Liji 2014- 17 Spectro photometric evaluation of colour changes on different thicknesses of layered allceramic restoration after exposure to two solutions
Dr.Muhasin 2014- 17 A comparative evaluation of retention of crown cemented with 3 types of cement with and with out the use of resin based sealers.Aninvitro study
Dr.Adharsh 2014- 17 Comparative evaluation of the lateral throat form and boder extension of the mandibular complete denture in the disto lingual region- an invivo study
Dr.Priyanka 2014- 17 Comparison of marginal accuracy of lithium disilicate crowns by heat pressing technique and cad cam milling
Dr.Rahul 2013-16 Comparison of bond strength of nickel chromium and titanium castable abutments with nickel chromium crowns using gic as luting cements.An invitro study
Dr.Shruthi 2013-16 Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of two denture cleansers on polymethyl methacrylate resin and polyamide resin with and without microwave irradiation
Dr.Paul 2013-16 Effect of exposure time of eugenol containing temporary cements on bond strengths of self etch dual cure permanent cements An invitro study
Dr.Edwin 2013-16 3 Dimentional finite element study to determine the effect of cyclic occlusal loading on implant using different prosthetic restorative materials
Dr.Sanket 2013-16 Evaluation of effect of different bleaching agents on the surface roughness of porcelain, aninvitro study
Dr.Pradeep M R 2013-16 Effects of medication disinfectant solution and food coloring agent on colur stability of commercially available 3 acrylic denture teeth- an invitro study
Dr.Sruthy u nair 2016- 19 Comparision of bond strength of a pressed ceramic fused to metal versus feldspathic porcelain fused to metal using cobalt-chromium and nickel chromium alloys:an invitro study.
Dr.Gowri nayak k 2016- 19 Effect of different surface glazing agents on colour stability of auto polymerizing polymethyl methacrylate provisional resin An Invitro study
Dr.Saadath afzaa s a 2016- 19 Evaluation of color stability of composite resin used to characterize acrylic teeth an invitro study
Dr.Amrita sathianathan 2016- 19 Comparison of the influence of cement type on the pull out bond strength of fibre posts ; An in vitro study
Dr.Archana reddy 2016- 19 Evaluation of positional stability of removable die systems by using different types of gypsum as stone base .
Dr.Muneendra thandava 2016- 19 An invitro comparison of fatigue load on monolithic and bilayered collared zirconia crown restorations
Dr.NeelanjaliMatapathi 2017-20 Assessment of oral health related quality of life in patients after maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation
Dr. Rao SushmaShashidhar 2017-20 Comparison of stress distribution by different angulated short implants in atrophic edentulous mandible-3D finite element study
Dr.Athira MR 2017-20 Assessment of oral health related quality of life and patient satisfaction after complete denture therapy
Dr.Seerat Ul Nisa 2017-20 A comparative evaluation of different attachment types of implant supported overdenture on stress distribution in edentulous mandible
Dr. Ashrath Azwin 2017-20 Effect of cantilever length on stress distribution around bar supported implant over denture by 3 and 4 implants A finite element study.
Dr.Shradha Dhanania 2017-20 Patients experiences with edentulism and the use of a removable dental prosthesis: A qualitative study
Dr. Kousalya A 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of antifungal effect of sodium hypochlorite and triphala used as denture cleansers on denture biofilm in diabetic and non diabetic individuals - An interventional study.
Dr. Trupthi Rai 2018-2021 Evaluation of feel bond strength between self cure acrylic resin material and two different commercially avaliable maxillofacial silicone material using a primer.An in vitro study.
Dr. Saisha Shetty 2018-2021 Effect of food simulating liquids on the flexural strength of direct and indirect composite.- An invitro study
Dr. Srinath Jayakrishnan 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of the tensile bond strength of two different denture liners modified by the addition of antifungal agents to the denture base resin. An invitro study.
Dr. Arun A 2018-2021 Dental prosthetic status and prosthetic needs of geriatric population - A cross sectional study
Dr. Sweda K Subrahmanian 2018-2021 A comparative assesment of flexural strength of heat cure, self - cure and CAD/CAM milled polymethyl methacrylate provisional materials. - An in vitro study.
Dr.Sheetal V 2019-2022 Effectiveness of Dietary intervention for geriatric patients receiving new complete dentures: A randomized control trial
Dr.Kirti Bakale 2019-2022 Comparison of the post set hydrophilicity of commercially available elastomeric impression materials - An invitro study
Dr.Kareepadath Midhila Madhusudanan 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of flowability of commercially available vinyl polysiloxane impression materials - An in vitro study
Dr.Prakhyath P S 2019-2022 Marginal adaptation of metal laser sintered copings: Influence of the oral and lab scanner systems - An in vitro study
Dr. Meghan J Shetty 2019-2022 Anti-fungal effects of Neem,Triphala and Aloevera powders incorporated in polymethyl methacrylate denture base material - An in vitro comparative study
Dr.Pooja 20-21 Clinico-Microbiological evaluation of oxygen releasing agent against oral pathogens adhering to the suture material following dental surgical procedures
Dr. Deeksha 20-21 In -vitro evaluations of an herbal component on the Physical properties of a Denture adhesive and its Antifungal efficacy.
Dr.Musarath 20-21 Three dimensional finite element analysis of the stress distribution pattern using different cement types and thicknesses on two different crown materials
Dr.Srinidhi 20-21 Evaluation fo gingival displacement by conventional retraction agent, Cordless retraction paste and oxymetazoline soaked retraction cords an in vivo study
Dr.Asha 20-21 Cmparative Evaluation of Accuracy of Alginate and Alginate Substitute Material driven casts used for mounting - An invitro study
DrAnanya 20-21 Compartive evaluation of stress distribution in a mandibular implant supported overdenture with different mucosa thickness using two attachment systems: a three dimensional finite analysis( FEA)
Dr.Shijal Narayan Suvarna 21-22 commeraially availabe Heat Polymerized Denture Base AcrylicResins bonded with cvhairside hard relinematerial - Anvitro study
Dr.Krithika Adyanthaya 21-22 Assessment of eating related quality of life among complete denture wearers-A mixed method study
Dr.Aditi Sooda 21-22 Effectiveness of a NovelMobile Health Application inEducating First TimeDenture wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trail
Dr. Rahul B 21-22 Comparative evaluation of Dimensional stability and surface roughness of two different soft relining material: An in vitro study
Dr. Mohammed Riyan 21-22 Assessment of Oralhealth intervention on masticatory efficiency, cognitive function and nutritional status among geriatric population: a randomized control trail
Dr.Roshan.S 21-22 Evaluting the wear of human enamel antagonists against polished and glazed porcelain fused to metal crowns - A clinical study
Dr.Tessen V Thomas 2019-2022 Comparison of stress distribution using sloping shoulder,platform switched and conventional short implants in various bone densities: finite element analysis